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By Kelly Sheehan | 8 Aug 2018 |

Bankstown Dementia Carers Group is dedicated to providing support to carers to improve their health, wellbeing, resilience and financial security. Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that affect the memory, normal thinking, communicating and reasoning ability of a person. Often those who suffer from dementia and their carers feel isolated, abandoned and alone. Many of these people are unable to access social activities due to financial constraints and a lack of suitable support. Suitable transport and behavioral issues caused by dementia also act as a barrier to access these services.

In the 2017 ClubGRANTS year, the Bankstown Sports Board approved $13,000 in funding to assist the Bankstown Dementia Carers Group implement the Moving Forward Together To Ease The Journey project. This project aims to provide ongoing peer support and social activities for those living with dementia and their carer whilst reducing social isolation.

The peer support and social activities occur monthly with up to 45 people attending. Social activities include lunches at Bankstown Sports, Ten Pin Bowling, bus trips to Sans Souci, The Wollondilly Heritage Centre & Museum and a 4-day holiday at Wollongong. In addition to monthly social events, monthly birthday lunches are held for the carers at the end of each month with compulsory cake!

Bankstown Dementia Carers Group Secretary, Dianne Price says that Bankstown Sports offers invaluable support.

“I can honestly say Bankstown Sports support means everything to this organisation which was set up in 2004 as a pure volunteer organisation run mainly by dementia carers. The Club's support has allowed this organisation to offer social activities out in the community to carers and those people with dementia they are caring for at home. With volunteers and former carers accompanying the group on all funded activities for support to the current carers, the Bankstown Sports support is also assisting those volunteers and former carers improve their health and wellbeing. During the social activities provided with the support of the Bankstown Sports many friendships have been formed between the carers, volunteers and former carers and many of these friendships will continue long after the caring role ceases.”

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