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Go International at Atrium Bar

By Sebastian Brown | 21 Apr 2017 |

It’s not every day you find a venue as unique as the Atrium Bar…

Located inside Bankstown Sports Club, it offers a huge variety of beers from around the world, including a little taste of Italy in a bottle - Peroni and Birra Moretti. To give you some background on these exquisite drops; Peroni is a brewing company that was founded in Lombardy, Italy in the 1840’s. It is now one of the best-known brands in the beer industry and its reputation remains prominent.  Similarly, Birra Moretti dates back to the 1850’s, founded in Udine, Italy. The brand is still a favourite of the Italians and is popular with all demographics at our venue.  

If Japanese beer is more your flavour, our Asahi, Asahi Black and Kirin range, will certainly entice your tastebuds. Asahi Breweries is one of the leading brewers based in Tokyo, Japan. Unbeknown by many, Asahi also sells a range of soft drinks almost as popular as their alcoholic beverage range. Although Asahi Dry has outstanding richness and is refreshing to drink, as the name suggests, Asahi Black is a darker lager that adopts the identical strain of yeast from the Asahi Dry. This combination has allowed Asahi to develop a brew that maintains a smoothness hardly ever found in a dark beer. Whilst Asahi remains the largest beer producer in Japan, Kirin follows close behind. It is one of our biggest bottled beer sellers in Atrium Bar, grabbing the attention of many a patron due to its pale amber shine.

Renowned for its green bottle and red star, Heineken is an award winning pale lager beer that is celebrated all over the world. Founded in Amsterdam in the 1860’s, this ever popular brand is a classic European style lager that always has people going back for more. And from a nearby part of the world, Stella Artois is a Belgian pilsner lager first brewed in 1926 in Leuven, Belgium. With such a sweet finish and fruity aroma, it continues to be a customer favourite.

And finally, doing the Aussies proud, is the great Crown Lager. It was first brewed in 1919 by the Foster’s Group, and with its distinguished gold label, full bodied finish and fruity aroma, the Crownie will definitely have you settling in for the afternoon.

All of these beers and many others from around the world are readily available for your drinking pleasure at our Atrium Bar. To complement our vast beer range, our executive chef Helmut Gundendorfer has recently updated our tapas menu which is sure to satisfy both your food and beer cravings!

Atrium Bar is open from Monday- Thursday 5pm-12am, Friday and Saturday 2pm-2:30am and Sunday 2pm-12am.



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