4 Nov 2019 |

Bankstown Sports has been recognised for its ongoing support and contribution to Punchbowl Boys High School at the 2019 Clubs & Community Awards.

Held at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour on Saturday 2 November, the annual ClubsNSW awards were presented at a glittering ceremony, and recognised the outstanding social contributions made by clubs in their local communities. There are thousands of stories about the amazing relationships clubs have with their local communities, and the event was a chance to share them.

Bankstown Sports prides itself on being firmly embedded in the community, believing that residents and our youth should benefit from our presence. It is our aim as a community-based organisation to ensure we are driven by innovation and collaboration to provide services which meet and exceed member and community needs. As part of that, over the past 12 years, Bankstown Sports has developed strong ties with Punchbowl Boys High School by partnering on a range of programs and special projects totalling over $100,000 worth of support.

The student body at Punchbowl Boys High School is highly diverse, with 100% of the students coming from non-English speaking backgrounds, including refugees and marginalised families.

Bankstown Sports has recently contributed over $10,000 to a program which builds student resilience and creates experiences that build connection to the community and each other. Over the years, the program has successfully resulted in higher HSC completion rates and improved engagement across the school. This program has evolved into a highlight of the student experience at Punchbowl Boys’ High and has allowed students to feel that the school and community care for them and will work together to give them the best.

One program graduate says he has greatly benefited from the program.

“Personally, I am a better man because I have been part of such an exciting and exhilarating life experience like this. We will never forget it. I feel more confident now because I have done something that not many others get to do.”

Bankstown Sports has assisted in facilitating the Pioneers Basketball Program since 2018, providing over $7,000 to allow students access to sport and regular exercise by covering the cost of coaches and training sessions. The program has proven to be highly successful as a way of promoting leadership and engagement within the student body.

Punchbowl Boys High School Deputy Principal says their partnership with Bankstown Sports is invaluable.

“Bankstown Sports holds the same investment in our vision, far beyond monetary support, for the good of the community. We believe Bankstown Sports genuinely wants to grow its community. The club has such a strong culture of integrity and passion which comes across in all our interactions with them. Bankstown Sports has invested heavily in the social capital of the local community sharing our vision for developing positive contributors in our society. The club is an unwavering advocate for Punchbowl Boys High School and empowers us in all we do.”



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